Don’t Let Your License Get Suspended Before You Have Even Been To Court

In Georgia, you may not realize that if you are arrested for having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the limit or if you refused the state-administered breath or blood test, you will be administratively suspended 45 days after your arrest. You may not have even had your first appearance at this point, but your license will go into a suspension if you have not taken steps to prevent the suspension of your license.

You must act within 30 days of your arrest to avoid a license suspension. There are steps you can take and decisions to make to avoid the administrative license suspension. Come in and talk to Mary Stanley Guerin, who will help you understand this process and help you make the best decision for protecting your license and defending your DUI.

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Losing Your Driving Privileges Affects Your Family, Too

Making the mistake to drink and drive can have severe consequences for you and your loved ones. Outside of the issues you face with the law, a suspension of your license can impact your day-to-day life.

This may include, but is not limited, to the following circumstances:

  • Your ability to get to and from work
  • How you go about running errands
  • Picking up your children from school
  • Current and future career opportunities

Don’t let a license suspension create hardship for those you love. Let us help you find a solution that may allow you to keep your license.

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