A Drug Addiction Can Lead Anyone To Crime

The media has a tendency to portray our country’s drug problem as an issue of the homeless and poor. But the unfortunate reality is that families have been affected by drugs at some point. Whether you are a member of the middle class or are someone living below the poverty line, addiction can be a universal struggle.

If addiction or drug use has led you – or a loved one – to an encounter with the law, contact Guerin Law Firm LLC at once. Let our skilled criminal defense lawyers help you protect yourself, your family and your future today.

Dependency Sometimes Starts At The Doctor’s Office

Georgia’s laws concern both illegal drug use and prescription drug abuse. This means that even those who come to be dependent on the medicine prescribed to them by doctors are at risk. Because of this fact and for many other reasons, we want to help you defend your rights.

If you face any charges related to the following situations, contact us immediately:

  • Trafficking or distribution of drugs
  • Manufacturing or cultivation of drugs
  • Recreational drug possession
  • Abuse of prescription drugs

Don’t chance a conviction and the life-long consequences that accompany a drug crime. Talk to us today.

With A Good Attorney, You Don’t Have To Settle For A Bad Plea Bargain

With drug crimes or any other serious criminal charges, you need attorneys prepared to defend your case in and out of the courtroom. When the rest of your life hangs on a verdict, you don’t want someone who will just settle for any plea bargain.

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