The more you know about fatal motor vehicle accidents, the better able you are to protect yourself from being in one. Knowledge really is powerful when it comes to accident prevention, which is why so many government agencies track information about incidents. While statistics may seem scary, they do represent a wealth of information that will help you to avoid risky behaviors and drive safer on Georgia roadways.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains the rate of car accidents in the U.S. compared to the rate in other high-income countries is over two times higher. This is not a distinction for which the country wants to be known. To illustrate how high the death rate is in the country, consider that every day, 90 people die due to a car accident.

Two reasons behind such high accident rates are speeding and drunk driving. Every driver knows these are both illegal activities that are also dangerous. However, many people do not realize that speeding is almost as dangerous as driving drunk. Comparing the numbers, speeding was a cause in 9,500 deaths while drunk driving was a factor in 10,000. That is a difference of very little, which illustrates that seemingly harmless actions, such as speeding, are a huge problem.

Another top reason for crash deaths is people not wearing seat belts. It is a proven fact that seat belts save lives. The problem is that drivers and passengers in the U.S. tend not to wear them as they should. This leads to the death of half of the occupants in fatal crashes.

This information is for education and is not legal advice.