Most of the time, car accidents are unintentional. Nobody wants to be in one or to cause one. However, there may be certain things about the way you drive or who you are that increases your risks of having an accident. Knowing these risk factors can help you to create better driving habits or simply be more aware when you are on Georgia roadways.

ScienceDirect explains that some factors contributing to an increase in your risk of a car accident are age-related. For example, younger drivers may lack experience or skill. At the same time, they may be more likely to take risks and chances when driving. All of these things can easily add up to an accident.

Older drivers, on the other hand, have their own issues. Vision problems, cognitive issues and mobility problems can make a driver unable to react or handle situations that ultimately lead to an accident.

However, you can overcome many age-related challenges. You can get more practice driving if you are younger or you can reduce when you drive if you are older. It is important that you are self-aware and recognize your own limitations as a driver and what could put you at risk for getting into an accident.

General factors that put every driver at risk include speeding, not following road laws, ignoring road signs, not driving for the road conditions and driving when impaired. Again, these are all risk factors you can easily overcome.

In general, the risk factors are all things you can become aware of and make up for or prevent. Accidents do not have to happen, but until everyone takes responsibility for their own driving habits and abilities, they will always be a problem. This information is for education and is not legal advice.