As a medical professional, you know that driving under the influence could land you in trouble. Not only may your employer fire you, but you could lose your medical license.

So what happens if you receive a DUI conviction? The investigation process is long and expensive. The medical board is the agency you will have to speak with if the police charge you with a DUI.

The medical board

The Georgia Composite Medical Board has the responsibility of licensing people and clinics. It has 15 members, of which 13 are practicing physicians, while the other two do not practice medicine and only vote on administrative policies. The governor appoints all members and the senate confirms them.

The law

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated 43-34-8-13A gives the Georgia Composite Medical Board the authority to investigate and issue discipline when a physician is unable to perform his or her duties. The code states the physician is unable to practice due to use of alcohol, drugs or any other type of chemical or material which will put a patient’s life at risk.

The consequences

The OCGA lists several disciplinary actions the medical board could take if you receive a DUI. The following list includes six of those actions:

  • Refuse to grant you a license, certificate or permit
  • Place you on probation for a period of time with conditions
  • Give you a public or private reprimand
  • Suspend, revoke or restrict your license, certificate or permit
  • Impose a fine of not more than $3,000 for each violation
  • Require a board-approved mental and physical evaluation

There is no question that receiving a DUI is bad for your future. The actions listed are serious, so it is important to explore your legal options for possible DUI defense strategies.