Truck accidents in Georgia can be especially devastating to other people on the road. The weight and mass of semi-trucks mean that occupants of other vehicles trapped in a crash are likelier to sustain severe injuries or even die. Therefore, many people are concerned about the types of safety policies followed by truck drivers. One report by Verizon Connect, a fleet management systems provider, highlighted safe and unsafe driving patterns by truckers across the country.

The report included a number of statistics, including the average number of times truckers speed and the rate of fatalities per mile traveled. Despite traffic problems in the country’s northeast region, the states with the safest truck drivers were mostly found there. Commercial truck drivers were far less likely to speed in Vermont, Virginia and Connecticut than they were in South Dakota or Montana. Speeding can play a major role in a trucking accident because the extra power in a high-speed crash can be especially dangerous when a large commercial truck is involved.

Another report highlighted safety concerns in a survey of truckers. While some truckers complained about passenger car drivers, saying that they were too likely to speed or cut off large trucks, others pointed to dangers posed by fellow truckers. Truck driver fatigue can pose a major problem as drowsy drivers show seriously diminished reaction times and abilities in an emergency situation. In addition, they noted that phone and other mobile device usage is also a problem for truckers, warning against the risks of distracted driving while piloting a massive commercial vehicle.

Truck crashes can cause permanent disabilities and serious injuries. In many cases, they were caused by a trucker’s negligent or dangerous driving. Accident victims can work with a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other damages.