Fierce Advocates Who Can Help You Move Forward From A Bad Situation

Mary Stanley Guerin started working with Bob Daniel in the first law firm in central Georgia to have a firm exclusively devoted to DUI defense in 2001 as a law clerk, and then as an attorney in 2003. During that time, her husband, Chase Guerin worked for the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office, where he gained extensive trial experience prosecuting all ranges of felony crimes.

In 2012, Mary started her own firm, which continued to focus on DUI defense. A couple of years later, during Christmas, both Chase and Mary, and their two children had been home sick with the flu. During that time, they sat by a fire and a bell went off. For six years, they had worked in two different cities and, really, had little time together. Something just clicked, it was time to move forward, it was time to use the tools he learned in the District Attorney’s Office to protect people wrongly accused and to make sure the state and law enforcement treated defendants fairly, and that is how Guerin Law Firm came to be.

After four years of aggressive criminal defense, something clicked again, the need to help everyone we can, not just defendants, but people who have been wronged by another’s negligence, thus the expansion of our practice to include personal injury. Whether you have come to our firm in need of DUI defense, Criminal defense or for personal injury, Guerin Law Firm, LLC, has a reputation for fierce advocacy. As a husband and wife team, we have dedicated our practice to helping our clients move forward from bad circumstances, and we can help you too.

Known within the local legal community and by our clients for our aggressive defense and diligence, we are attorneys you can trust in your time of need.

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We Make Recommendations With Your Best Interest In Mind

Getting you the compensation you need to pay your bills or ensuring that you receive a fair trial for a criminal offense is what we are here for. Whether we are taking a negligent party to court or defending a DUI case, we won’t back down from the opposition.

Where other attorneys will tell you that your best option may be to settle for the first offer or plea, we won’t do that. Our attorneys thoroughly analyze every case to make recommendations that benefit you.

Laws Are Always Changing, Work With Attorneys Who Stay On Top Of Them

You and the outcome of your case are important to us. For this reason, our attorneys strive to keep abreast of Georgia’s constantly changing laws. If you or a loved one is facing a legal issue as a result of a motor vehicle accident or due to criminal charges, let us represent you.

Conveniently located in Macon, we serve Bibb County and the surrounding area. For more information on our consultation policy or to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys, call 478-741-0072 today. You can also reach us via email through our contact form.